Seattle Bridge Church

Our Story

How it all started...

In the autumn of 2011, two 1.5 generational Korean-American pastors, felt a calling to plant a church together as co-pastors in the North Seattle area. They had a shared vision of an ethnic church that is multi-generational, bi-lingual, and relatable to the contemporary generation while holding onto the spirit of the early church.

This vision included becoming a church-planting church built on core values of unity, simplicity, and authenticity.

From the humble beginnings starting with a prayer meeting in someone’s house with 20 people in December of 2011 to our current gathering in Lynnwood today, our church family has grown to about 120 people.

In late 2014...

SBC helped launch a Kirkland Bridge Church as a sister church. SBC sent several of its members to serve as the core group for the new church plant.

Seattle Bridge Church has desired to see transformation in people’s lives here in our city and all around the world. Two distinguishing marks of SBC have always been to pursue simplicity of biblical community life and gift-based team ministry.

Ultimately, we want to live up to our name and be the bridge between the lost of the world and the found in the kingdom of God. In doing so, we hope to serve this generation and be a sound example of a healthy church and a stepping-stone for the next generation.

Where we are headed...

We are a multi-generational, bilingual (English & Korean) church planted in 2012 in Lynnwood, WA. Our desire is to connect, grow, and serve the kingdom of God in His amazing saving grace and life-transforming truth. We strive to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ and to pursue his good work both near and far for the glory of God.

At SBC, you belong because your value isn’t determined by where you’ve been, where you come from, what you’ve done, or whom you know. None of us are perfect in and of ourselves and therefore our church is not perfect either. However, we believe and trust in our perfect God who redeemed us through Jesus Christ while we were sinners and it is our mission and passion to build a community of committed followers of Jesus Christ.