SBC – COVID 19 Guidelines – Outdoor

We plan to meet outdoors with full adherence and preparation of Washington State, CDC, and SBC guidelines.

We are making outdoor service optional, and creating an opportunity for those who are interested to gather and worship in-person together.


  • Attendance is optional for all
  • All attendees must wear masks
  • If any members have symptoms or feel they were put at risk, they should not attend outdoor service
  • All attendees must RSVP weekly with the Outdoor Service Registration Form
  • Deadline for RSVP is Saturday 8 PM, there will be a limit to the number of people who can attend. 
  • RSVPs will be enforced.
  • All social distancing will be enforced pre/during/post service
  • We ask that you do not bring food/drink or items that need to be touched, other than your chairs and mats.
  • If a member tests positive,  we will follow CDC Guidelines to be followed, apply contact tracing, and continue and proceed with outdoor service for the following weeks.


  • Cars can enter and exit through any entrance/exit
  • There will be reserved parking for those who plan to attend service in their cars. Reserved parking areas will be marked off, and a parking valet will check your RSVP.


  • There will be one-way flow of traffic for both entry and exit into the service area
    • Please enter towards the bottom of the hill
    • The exit will be towards reserved parking spot corner
    • Hand sanitizer will be at both the entry and exit points
  • To ensure greater than 6 ft distance for seating arrangements for non-house hold members. Ushers will use a measuring object and assign members a specific seating area. (See diagram below)
  • As members enter they may need to wait to get an assigned area and this will help us track RSVPs and maintain the attendee count
  • Three is a limit of 2 people of the same gender in each restroom (A volunteer to will be stationed by the bathroom)


  • Individuals will be encouraged to leave the premises within 10 minutes of the service end, unless volunteering to clean-up and break-down
  • All staff and volunteers who must attend to post service activities may stay longer but will leave immediately after.
  • If a discussion or meeting is necessary, ensure social distancing is practiced for necessary discussions. 


  • All individuals have been assigned for clean up.
  • All who will be handling equipment must wear gloves


Q: I am not too concerned about catching the COVID19 virus as I am generally a healthy individual.  Do I need to follow the guidelines?

A: Yes, the guidelines are not only to protect you, but protect the others as well.  COVID19 carriers may show little or no symptoms and may not know he/she has it.  With these guidelines, we are reducing the risk of transmission in the event someone who does have it, but does not know.  

Q: Why is the church taking a risk by having an outdoor service?  Even with the guidelines, there is no guarantee someone won’t catch it.

A: SBC Leadership teams have met weekly for the last 2 months to assess the situation.  And along with the physical health of our congregation, we also have responsibility for the spiritual health.  These guidelines are put in place to minimize transmission and we are doing this to find a balance between spiritual and physical health.  If you are concerned and are not comfortable attending the outdoor service, we ask you to attend the online service as we’ll continue to offer the online service.  

Q: When will we start the indoor service?

A: The SBC Leadership is in a weekly meeting to assess the situation.  Safety of our congregation is our #1 priority and based on the state and CDC guidelines and assessments we take, we’ll make very thorough and careful decisions.  For now, we are focusing on the outdoor service.  We will publish the dates for the indoor service if/when the appropriate precautions can be taken and we feel it’s safe to do so.  

Q: What happens if one of our congregation member(s) tests positive for Covid-19?

A: If you test positive for Covid-19, PLEASE let us know ASAP. We will not disclose your name for privacy reasons. The church leadership will be in contact with the member(s) who test positive, and ask if there were any other church members they were in close contact with. The member(s) who test positive will also reach out to who they believe was in close contact as well. We will ask the member(s) who test positive to quarantine at home for 14 days to get retested before coming back to join us for worship service. For the member(s) that were in close contact with the member(s) who tested positive, we highly suggest you quarantine for 14 days and also get tested.

Q: If someone does test positive, and if the church will NOT disclose the person’s name, how would I know if I was in close contact with that person?

A: We will work with the person to contact everyone he/she was close contact with.  If you are still concerned, please reach out to the pastoral staff for further information.  

Q: Will restrooms be available?

A: Yes, restrooms will be available; however, we encourage you to use restrooms only if you really need to. We want to minimize the number of people that go in and out of the restrooms and the building, despite it being sanitized regularly. We will limit restroom use to 2 people per gender. If you have any questions, there will be a church member monitoring in front of the restrooms during the outdoor service.

Q: What if I change my mind about my RSVP from outdoor seating to car seating or vice versa?

A: We highly suggest and encourage you to stick with the decision you’ve made on your RSVP. If it is for temperature reasons, feel free to roll down or up your windows, or bring a jacket/blanket/water bottle to help you stay warm or cool under the shed area. If it is for accessibility reasons, we encourage you to tune in via radio or roll down your windows as we will have a sound system set up. If it is for stretching reasons, feel free to stay within the vicinity of the car and stretch. If it is a dire situation, please contact one of the members of the Covid Team and we will help make the necessary accommodations.

Q: I don’t have a mask or sanitizer, can I still attend?

A: Masks are required, and you don’t have one with you on hand, extra masks will be available. Hand sanitizer will be at the welcome station and exit station.

Q: What are my options for seating if I don’t bring my own chair or blanket?

A: Unfortunately, no chairs will be provided but there is space to stand or sit on the ground. 

Q: Do I really need to keep 6ft apart even with the masks?

A: yes.

Q: What entrance/exit should I use?

A: please see the map. 

Q: What if I have symptoms but I’m sure it’s due to allergies?

A: Please stay home if you have any symptoms. 

Q: If my family attends, and RSVPs, and I’m an adult (18 and older) do I need to RSVP?

A: Yes, all adults (18 and older) must RSVP separately.

Q: Will we cancel an outdoor service if it rains or if the temperature drops?

A: The outdoor service will be in a covered area.  We ask you to dress appropriately when attending the outdoor service.  

Q: How do I decide whether to attend the outdoor service or the online service?  Is there a preference from the church?

A: Please use your best judgement for deciding to attend the outdoor on online service.  We will follow the published guidelines to the best of our ability to minimize the contamination for those attending the outdoor service.  However, if you feel online service is your best option, please stay home and attend the online service.  We want to make sure you have an opportunity to connect with God and worship and praise Him on every Sunday.  

Q: What are Covid-19 symptoms?

  • Fever or chills,
  • Cough,
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
  • Fatigue,
  • Muscle or body aches,
  • Headache,
  • New loss of taste or smell,
  • Sore throat,
  • Congestion or runny nose,
  • Nausea or vomiting,
  • Diarrhea.
  • (

Q: I have symptoms and I tested for COVID-19 and results were negative.  Can I attend the outdoor service?

A: We ask you to refrain from attending the outdoor service until all symptoms are eliminated even if your COVID-19 test results were negative.  

Q: I have some suggestions on how we can improve our outdoor service.  Who can I talk to? 

A: Please provide the suggestions using this form .

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